Always use a lens shade…


Or maybe not.

Go ahead, take it off and experiment with flare. You never know, a test shot might turn out to have some “flare with flair.” 

Hmm, that wasn’t my intention here. I was just testing 4 flashguns in the kitchen. As you can see, the three on the counter all fired, triggered by the camera’s pop-up flash. However, the slave I Nasty-clamped to the shelf didn’t pop. (Ugh, I set the bugger to the wrong channel.) The flare in the window which looks like the sun was produced by the master flash.

By going shade-less with an extremely wide 12mm lens I opened myself up to a world of glare, gotchas, & ghosts. Try it some time.

Usually when a shot has streaks and balloons it deserves to go right to the trash bin, but this dud begged for mercy.

“OK,” I said, “I’ll put you on my blog and hope nobody notices.”