Happy Nude Year!

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Richard Avedon was best known for his portraits and fashion work, not necessarily nudes. But the ones he produced are memorable, like this shot of aptly named model Stephanie Seymour.

Nice to see it revived on the cover of PHOTO from France. It’s the Nov. 2010 issue, which has yet to appear here since distribution is always several months behind.

And speaking of nudes…Zoom Street’s running feature, The Naked Library, includes capsule reviews of nearly fifty books of nude photography, how to guides, international collections, and monographs. We regularly add titles to the page, so if this is your cup of tea CLICK HERE and be sure to add a bookmark in your browser.

A great place to discover talented photographers working in this genre is the blog produced by Simon Bolz in Germany. Bolz, himself, is a master of nude photography and his work has been featured on Zoom Street. You can check out his blog here.


I suppose that headline should read “Breaking Into Nude Photography.”  That is to say Amherst Media has published several unique and helpful guides to the genre, including one I haven’t seen yet:  Infrared Nude Photography by Joseph Paduano.

Amherst recently sent me  a copy of Bill Lemon‘s Professional Secrets of Nude & Beauty Photography: Techniques and Images in Black & White which is a refreshing change from all the full color nude photos out there.  B/W images force the viewer to focus on composition, light & shadow, sensual shapes & texture. Although this book was originally released in 2001, it remains in print for good reason—Lemon’s secrets and techniques are not likely to go out of style. His photos are fresh and original, with lighting diagrams included.  The book starts off with a grabber—”Inspiration”— in which the author sets out to mimic Herb Ritts‘ classic supermodels photo. I’m sure every photographer would love to try this, though few would have the good fortune (not to mention the budget) to employ five lovely models worthy of the original. Professional Secrets provides plenty of inspiration and creative concepts. My only complaint: no nude on the cover.

You can order the book (or a Kindle edition) on Amazon here.

Happy Nude Year, indeed!