Home for the Holidays


I’ll be spending the next ten days at my favorite bookstore and café, Le Scat Noir, which is open 24/7. All the food is free, including their famed “New Year’s Eve Noir Brunch”—the best Eggs Benedict in the world. In addition to fine dining I’ll be surrounded by rare, out-of-print first editions which patrons are invited to enjoy while eating. Nothing like balancing an egg-stained copy of Ulysses and a glass of Dom Pérignon (1921).

And, as you might expect, smoking is encouraged…


although I’m not sure if they’ll allow me to puff on my electronic fag, a turbo-charged NJoy.


Whatever. I’ll be thinking of you all between bites and bouts of delirium.

Merry Christmas (and/or insert holiday here)… and may the New Year be bright and beautiful.