FourSquare with Three

Zoom Street Photo

Lightware Direct has good timing, not to mention cool lighting accessories. Just in time for 2011 they’ve introduced their FourSquare system for ganging Speedlights. Yup, strobists will be drooling in the Yule, dying to get their hands on this flash blast.


This is just a sneak peek. I only had three small strobes handy—all different manufacturers—but you can attach four to the block (five if you add the accessory Center Mount FSA300). But there’s no law governing how many flashes you choose to mount, two might serve you well.

The heart of the FourSquare Kit 30” is the main mounting block seen above, which is crafted from tough T6061 anodized aluminum. Nice and small, see… and you’re beginning to get the big picture: portability. Big light in a compact kit born for location shoots.

The kit comes with a 30” x 30” soft box for mondo coverage.

Zoom Street Photo

Unfortunately it doesn’t include the essential FourSquare Handle FSH 800 which mounts to the block for hand-holding (or) can be threaded to a tripod.  In the shot above I’ve simply Nasty Clamped it to a stand.

I’ll order a handle (shown below) and then we’ll see if I can get the three slaved Speedlights to fire.


Stay tuned to Zoom Street.

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