Back(up) to Nature

Photo by Derek Pell

Long ago I learned my lesson. Lost 3 gigs worth of videos when my Maxtor turbo bit the dust after only 6 months. Today, I have multiple drives and make sure all my work is protected and available via a variety of sources—including DVDs, portable drives, and a quad RAID.

What I don’t have is a shockproof drive I can drop without breaking a sweat…  or one I can take out in the rain, a blizzard or—when I’m back in California—a heat wave. I  don’t have a true dust-buster, either,  i.e., one that’s completely sealed so even a mote can’t penetrate. Also, a portable drive that’s vibration proof, too, since the shocks on my car aren’t so hot.

Turns out Silicon Power makes a drive with all those features. It’s called the Armor A80 and one just arrived via UPS—safely, natch!

I wanted to photograph this 500GB, 2.5” drive to suggest just how powerful it is, but my indoor shot didn’t do the trick. I went outside and took this photo which captures a sense of the drive’s make-my day nature.

B&H is offering it for $149.95 $119.95. (**price cut as of 12/28/2010)

I’ll have more to say about the Armor A80 on Zoom Street next month… assuming I can get it out of the tree.