An Ounce of Bounce…

…is worth a pound of post-production.

When the artificial light ain’t right… well, it’s a royal pain to fix.

I’m always surprised to see shutterbugs aiming their speedlights dead-on, sans a diffuser. It’s like they’ve forgotten that the flash head swivels.

I’ve been enjoying the use of a small flash from Photoflex called the StarFire. (See previous post.)


For this night shot in a shadowy office I used the StarFire mounted on a Nikon D90. I bounced the light at half-power off a low ceiling. (A low ceiling painted white is a gift from Strobolena—goddess of flash.) The vertical bounce provided even illumination and a soft, natural-looking shadow behind the subject.

I’m no great dancer, but I’m hip enough to swivel and bounce. In fact, I do it every chance I get.

Rarely do I shoot with the flash straight on (unless it’s through a soft box)… straight is for squares. Of course if you’re after a deer-in-the-headlights look, go for it.

Excuse me while I bounce the StarFire off the outhouse moon.