Remote with a View



I should be wearing a lab coat under my wintry duds. I’m testing products day and night. For example, last night  I was putting the Gigtube DSLR Wireless View & Remote through its paces. This off-camera monitor from Aputure works with DSLRs featuring Live View mode, like the Nikon D300s. You connect the receiver (shown below) to the camera’s hot shoe and the data cable to the receiver. The cable’s other end is split and plugs into the camera’s  AV-Out and remote shutter  socket.


Once you’ve turned on the receiver and set a channel, you’re ready to rock without wires.You can now focus and fire the camera from a distance of 100 meters while viewing the subject in the bright 3.5” TFT LCD screen.

You can hand-hold the monitor and move around, or mount it on a tripod as I did in the photo at top of post.

Out of the box it worked like a charm. I’ll have more to say over on Zoom Street in the January issue.

Zoom Street Photo

Not quite “out of the box” yet is the company’s new wireless trigger—the Trigmaster—which I’m anxious to try. There’s stiff competition in this realm from both  RadioPopper and Pocket Wizards, so it’ll be interesting to see how Trigmaster measures up.

While you’re waiting for my report, check out Aputure’s web site. They’ve also got an informative and lively blog. And you can find a lot of Aputure products at