Mio MiFi


If you read my DSL Hell post last month you know what a hassle trying to get Internet service in the boondocks can be. The time wasted with CenturyLink was a “Never Again!” learning experience.

I spent most of November in a Barnes & Noble café in Charlottesville with my laptop. The “free” Wi-Fi was usually sluggish since it’s a popular hotspot for UVA students. Everyone there seemed to be watching YouTube videos.  “Share and share alike” may be fine for candy, but not when it comes to surfing the Web—bandwidth is the coin of the realm.

It was Tin Pan Bandwidth all the way.

To make matters worse, the management would unplug the router every 15 minutes just so folks didn’t get too comfortable and hang out all day. Well, that didn’t stop me;I I stayed put and just kept logging in and slogging along.

Not any more. I bought a Verizon Wireless MiFi 2200 which features a built-in 3G modem as well as 802.11 b/g connectivity. It lets me create a Wi-Fi hotspot pretty much anywhere. If I feel like it I I can share it with 5 users at one time. The connection is automatic and fast—even in the boonies.

Call it a “Teachable Moment.”