A Bright Star on the Horizon?

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Photoflex is offering strobists a bundle of joy for the holidays—the Photoflex Location Kit. It’s packed with goodies and they all fit in one compact Transpac Gig Transport Bag. We’ll be reviewing the kit on Zoom Street in the January issue, but I wanted to give you my first impression of one of its components—the StarFire Digital Flash.

I should point out I’m a Nikon flash guy, although I’m open-minded enough to slave a few Nissin Di866s. So I consider myself pretty much covered in the flash department, from pricey to reasonable models.

One look at the StarFire’s control panel and I was struck by its sheer simplicity. What, no LCD screen? Just three modes? Hmm, should be a no-brainer.

When I powered on the unit and saw the output level indicator light up, I knew this baby had potential. There’s a  Plus and Minus button for easily adjusting output; Test, Mode, On/Off buttons. No complex menus, no tricky finger contortions necessary here… just set and fire.

The StarFire manual flash is made in China and has proven popular outside the USA where it’s known as the Yongnuo YN-460 Mark II.

Here’s the Chinese model…


Simplicity and affordability makes for a good start. Performance, however, is the bottom line so I’ll be testing all this month.

Stay tuned.


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