A Full Plate & No Time To Waste

If you’ve noticed that the frequency of posts has dropped off a bit lately, it’s not due to a blunk (blue blog funk) or the common affliction known as “blogger’s block.” No, I’ve been busy over at Zoom Street helping put together our gala December issue. That means our annual Best Product of the Year awards, where we select ten winners—evenly divided between must-have hardware and software applications.


Be sure to check out the mag on publication day: Wednesday, December 1st.


And while I’ve got your attention…here are a some clues  of what’s in store for 2011:


HINT: Shoot video with a DSLR & you need this.



HINT: Think Superman.



HINT: Read any good books lately?



HINT: Everything fits in one bag and it’s light.



HINT: A new point of view just for you.



HINT: Looks festive. (Not much of a hint I admit.)


OK, that’s about it.

Have a rip-roarin’ weekend!