Virtual Bookworm


It has taken me awhile but I’m finally getting around to reviewing the Amazon Kindle. (See Zoom Street next month.) I don’t know if the second edition had any bugs, but this “third generation”  model seems to operate flawlessly—just like a real book!  According to Amazon it’s 21% smaller, 15% lighter, 20% faster, and has 50% better contrast. Certainly can’t complain about the unit’s battery life: one month.

All I can say with authority is that the screen is crisp, clear & easy to read. (No color, like B&N’s Nook, but monochrome screens are easier on the eyes.) Font sizes are adjustable. Virtual pages turn faster than the human hand can flip a page. And the pages can’t be torn or soiled.

Looks like dog-ears are headed for extinction.

Of course one major advantage of the Kindle is being able to take an entire library (up to 3,500 books) with you wherever you go. And with built-in 3G wireless you can browse and download books (magazines & newspapers) on the fly from almost anywhere. I subscribed to The New York Times and  new issues are automatically delivered.

Sudden urge for a new mystery at 3:AM? No problem.

I just downloaded…


As a book-lover, collector, and author of books printed on paper, my feelings on the eBook phenomenon are mixed. I’ll report on this in detail soon.

For now… excuse me while I turn on a novel.