The Fog of Blog Has Lifted…

A new version of Windows Live Writer has just been released. It’s a wonderful tool for creating posts, editing, previewing, and uploading. The new version offers WYSIWYG offline convenience, and an array of features that will be familiar to users of Microsoft Office. I use it regularly for this WordPress blog.

Here’s a look at the interface of Live Writer 2011. (Click on the screen shots for a larger view.)

blog screen



Windows Live Writer is free and can be downloaded here.

* * *

Speaking of blogs, you should also check out a fairly new free blogging platform called Posterous.


As I mentioned in a previous post, it’s ideal for busy blogonauts. Rather than having to log-in to your blog, you simply create a post in the body of an e-mail message and send to Posterous. Presto it’s published, You can attach images or embed them in the message, no fuss no mess,

I recently launched a blog there for my photography and here’s the link.

So now you have no excuse for sitting on the sidelines—go forth and blog!