Book Ends

A few brief book notes…


Just got my copy of The Wonderful Future That Never Was by Gregory Benford (Hearst Books) and it’s a space-age doozy. Culled from the pages of Popular Mechanics it reprints their predictions from 1912 onward…all the lip-smacking inventions and bold ideas that somehow just missed the flying boat. There’s hot air traffic balloons and mail delivery by parachute (Isn’t that what we have now?)The illustrations are mind-bending and tickle the funny bone. It’s Future Schlock, visionary and absurd. It’s the World’s Fair and unbalanced It’s Hi-Fi Sci-Fi for the Wi-Fi generation.

The dust jacket even doubles as a wall poster—cool!

You can order a copy here.



Bad Science looks like a hoot, although I haven’t seen it yet.


If you’re into shooting cars, check out Joe Farace’s new eBook: 15 Tips For Better Car PhotosLink.



And coming soon…


A new flash guide by Rod and Robin Deutschmann. Just One Flash. You can read my review of their classic Off-Camera Flash here.


That’s all for today… I’ve got to get back to my weekend reading. Elmore’s new novel…