What, Me Emote?

Winking smileI don’t mean to be a wiseass… In lovebut maybe I just don’t show my emoticons enough. I notice a lot of bloggers using them. Even famous bloggers like Scott Kelby who attract millions of eyeballs every day.

To be honest, I find them kind of annoying. Alien

They make me want to shout—”Enuf already! Steaming mad Can the clipart!”

Why don’t folks just use exclamation marks or italics?

And why put a smile face on a joke? I mean, if it’s funny I’ll laugh, right?Laughing out loud

On the other hand, maybe emoticons are cookies in disguise; or mini-apps that track you like a Russian spy; or secret scripts designed to inflate site stats to make a blog seem more popular than it really is.  Maybe emoticons are tools of the devil. Devil

But then I don’t want my readers to think I’m a prig. Just kidding
Stuffy, bland, passive, or a snob. I wanna be hip. Hot smile

Hell, I can show my emoticons just like the next guy. Maybe I’ll let my hair down and wear ’em on my sleeve. Star