Flash Will Fall, Flash Will Break

That’s not a Charlie Chan aphorism, just a fact. Eventually it comes to pass. You forget to sandbag your light stand, or simply knock the strobe to the ground in a moment of pure klutzness. I’ve been fairly lucky with Nikon speedlights which have slipped right through my fingers yet survived the crash. This Nissin Di866 is a bit less ruggedly constructed so requires extra caution. That’s the caution I tossed to the wind the other day when I knocked it to the ground. The innards survived, it just shed its plastic cover.

Thankfully I had some Duco Cement and a Bongo Tie handy.

Because accidents happen I’m a firm believer in backups. So even if I only shot with one off-camera  flash, I’d own two… just as a precaution. That goes for cameras, too, but I find portable strobes particularly prone to suicide attempts.

Or maybe I’m just clumsy.