As the Worm Turns

As a lifelong bookworm I’ve suffered the slings and arrows of outrageously ineffective bookmarks. I’m constantly losing them as well as my place. In fact—believe it or not—I’ve lost more bookmarks than lens caps.

I’m not going to engage in the great dog-ear debate (which irks bookworms and collectors alike), but instead I’m here to praise an invention called PageKeeper.


This gizmo is the answer to my prayers—a bookmark I can’t lose! (Unless, of course, I lose my book.)

You simply attach PageKeeper to the back cover (hardcover or paperback) and place its spring finger on the first page. As you flip the pages this bookmark travels with you and keeps your place.

I’m looking forward to attaching PageKeeper to Elmore Leonard‘s new novel. Voracious readers will need one for each book.

Now I think we can safely turn the page on this subject.

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