Travel Sidekick & Badass Backup Buddy


In my recent travel posts I neglected to mention the importance of backup. There are several specific concerns when you’re on the road. First, you need a dependable drive robust enough to survive constant vibration and frequent handling. It should have enough storage capacity to safeguard all your photography-in-progress as well  important data and system files. In other words, you need a drive that can replace everything should something happen to your laptop. And, finally, it should be really compact and easy to travel with.

That’s a tall order, I know,  and it’s why I chose Toshiba’s portable Canvio drive. The 1TB model has more than enough space and with its bundled software—NTI BackypNow EZ—my entire operating system could be restored if needed. The unit itself is “smaller than a postcard” and weighs only 6 ounces so it fit right in a pocket. It’s USB plug-and-play, of course, so can easily be used to transfer files to additional computers. Toshiba provides a nice 3 year warranty which adds another level of comfort to the package.

Looks were not an issue, so it’s icing on the cake that the liquid blue edition looks nice, too. The Canvio served me well for 3,000 miles and it continues to hum along smoothly as I launch this post.

Can’t beat that.

More info here.