Can a power pack be sexy?







The answer is yes, as evidenced by this torrid tale in Polaroids. Maybe that’s why the Japanese press pairs a sexy model with their review of the Nissin Digital Power Pack PS300.


The PS300 is arguably a sexy beast—ruggedly built and durable.  Mine arrived yesterday and I was eager to test it. After charging the power pack’s NiMH battery- 7.2V/ 3,300 mAh (which took  about 4 hours),  I connected it to a Nikon SB-900. (Nissin offers power cables for various speedlights, including their own Di866 Pro of course.)

One particularly sensual feature: the unit has dual power sockets so you can connect two flashes and power them simultaneously. You’ll need to purchase an additional cable, but it’s nice that you can mix it up, e.g., use a Nikon and a Canon speedlight together. (BTW, the Nikon cable that came with mine also works with the Nikon-compatible Nissin Di866.)


The PS300‘s sleek, black Leatherette case  includes a sexy belt holder so it can be worn at the hip while shooting.  Just connect the cable to the speedlight and  you’re ready for action.

You’ll notice immediately a big boost in power. The unit provides a speedy recycle time of 0.7 seconds.  Hell, it feels like firing in burst mode, and it doesn’t get any sexier than that.

Also, without a battery pack, a single shooting session can drain a speedlight’s batteries. Using the PS300 you get approximately300 full flashes per charge—how’s that for power!

For the aspiring strobist out there, a power pack makes life a  lot easier. Imagine not having to constantly glance at the speedlight’s  battery gauge. More importantly, it’s pretty much essential if you want to shoot fashion or sports. More power, more shots, more bang for the buck.

The PS300 is not shapely, it’s essentially just a black box, but it does exactly what’s expected. There’s the appeal. You’ll find it on sale at Amazon for $499, and it’s worth every penny.

In fact, the Nissin Digital Power Pack PS300 is so sexy it’s receiving Zoom Street‘s Street Smart Editors’ Choice Award in September.

While you’re waiting for the issue visit the Nissin Digital web site to learn more about their products.

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