Waving @ Grapes

Napa @ 35 mph.Shooting a vineyard in drive-by mode ain’t fun, unless you have time to stop and taste the wine. But the other day I had to zip through the region without a sip. Napa  is wall-to-wall vineyards for miles… so you can imagine the levels of intoxication possible.

Alas, I was on my way north to Clear Lake to go waterskiing. I take that back. That’s what I wanted to do, but instead we were “house-hunting” which—in its own perverse way—is also a sport. A sport, I must point out, that’s rigged in favor of the banksters and weasely speculators.

So it wasn’t a pleasure trip and certainly not part of my planned cross-country adventure. That trip is now slated to begin Aug. 15th, but who knows?—it  may be delayed until Sept.

I can promise this:  the next time you find me in Napa… you won’t find me sober nor in a car.