FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Parlez-vous français?


Not fluently, but I can read this magazine every month. My ability to translate the French text is comparable to using Babel Fish, i.e., I often get the tenses mixed up.

Bottom line: I catch the drift. When in doubt…I look at the nudes.

Hell, PHOTO’s covers are sexy in the extreme. Even the fashion rags pale by comparison.

In addition to good nudes they publish some of the world’s best photojournalism, plus interviews with top photographers from around the world. I even enjoy the ads. For example, they often run ads for camera models that never get marketed in the States. 

Unfortunately PHOTO is always several months behind on the newstand so I’m always reading a back issue.


On an unrelated (yet foreign) note from Belgium, designer Marc Thomasset  has created a delicious notebook called The Inspiration Pad. Alas, it’s not available in the United States but I’m determined to get my hands on one.  (Click on the image for a larger view.)

Maybe China will export a knock-off.



Meanwhile back in Germany, Michael Zelbel has just posted a clever DIY video on how to make  a laptop holder that attaches to a tripod for tethered shoots. Follow his instructions and save yourself big bucks.

Here’s the link to his Smoking Strobes blog.

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