Beach Blanket Bingo Noir

When I thought of the title for this post it inspired an album cover…


It summarizes the mix of music I’ve been listening to lately, while working on the August issue of Zoom Street.  It would take a study at M.I.T. to determine the effects of various kinds of music on the production and design of a digital magazine. I can’t be objective, but I know listening to the noirish electronic sounds of Beat Connection’s Surf Noir has had an impact.


It certainly explains why I was visited by a bikini-clad Annette Funicello asking me for a lift to Utica. Too bad, as i was looking for a muse.

BTW, you can download Surf Noir for FREE at this link. (Favorite cut:   In the Water,  which is where I wish I was right now.)


Add to the mix Terje Rypdal’s new album from ECM called Crime Scene.

Man, I wish I’d had this in my ear when I was writing Shoot to Thrill down in San Diego. Nothing like a jolt of jazz from this Norwegian electric guitar master. The CD is part homage to Coltrane, with a mix of hard-boiled jazz and rock fusing together in a noir-like cinematic soundtrack. Think a mobster’s  shadow in a neon-lit alleyways.

At least that’s how I hear it here in the Bay Area with July’s odd mix of heat, fog, and chilly mornings.

All I can say is crank it up… the crime’s sublime.