A Glance in the Gearview Mirror…

In a recent report on my forthcoming cross-country road trip, I posted the photo below showing the gear I’m packing.

For the most part I omitted non-photography related items, e.g., my trusty Buck knife. But I should’ve included the Magellan RoadMate 3045.

I’ve managed to drive across the country without a GPS unit, but it’s foolish not to bring along a sidekick whose  navigational expertise goes unchallenged. Without GPS, you’re pretty much assured of  at least one wrong turn out of sheer exhaustion.

Also, I like to drive at night. 

I’ve experienced my share of panicky moments wondering where the next gas station is. Hell, the sign said “Fuel” at the exit…  but I find myself in No Man’s Land in the middle of a moonless night. Nothing but sagebrush blowing across the empty road.

What I did find that night was this…

…and I would’ve stayed there had the place still been in business.

So, yeah, I’m packing a GPS. I’ll report on its functionality from the road. For now, visit Magellan GPS for info on their products.