Gear Today, Gone Tomorrow

I was cleaning out a desk drawer and came across this relic… a Lexar 160MB CF card. Back when this baby was hot it retailed for $249.95. Think about that for a minute. Then consider the price of the last card you purchased.

The advertising copy for the card states in part:

“Be prepared to take the [sic] all the pictures you want of your upcoming graduations and vacations.”  Maybe they meant to say… “take all the picture you want.”

Hmm. Well it certainly had more capacity than a 128MB card which was far more common. In fact, I Googled to try and find an image of a 160MB card and none showed up. Lots of 128s however. So I had to take my own photo.

Maybe this card is a collector’s item. Or maybe it belongs at the Smithsonian. Whatever, it’s a worthy reminder that all the gear that wows us now will one day be obsolete and priced accordingly at a yard sale.