“Better clean up your act…”


That’s my act, not yours. Since there was nudity in the previous post, it seemed like a good time to write about Clarity Clean It from Nanofilm.  When it comes to cleaning a camera lens, proceed with caution. Dry paper wipes are a no-no, and wet wipes and sprays containing chemicals can destroy delicate lens coatings. You have to choose a solution designed for precision optics. My choice are these Clean It towelettes as they’re safe and effective. You can order them online from Amazon

I usually apply a burst of canned air to the lens to remove dust motes and invisible grit, then gently wipe the surface with one of these moist cloths. No smudges, no residue…it’s like the lens came new right out of the box. I keep a batch of these in each gear bag so I can clean up my act whenever I take my show on the road.

Like backing up your photos, keeping your kit clean ain’t sexy, but it’s a must. For photographers, alas, spring cleaning lasts all year long.

You’ll find more info on this product at nanofilmproducts.com