Easy Slider


PS KISS in Israel offers several timesaving Photoshop plug-ins that have been honed to the heart of simplicity, i.e., they have no learning curve, require mo mastery of Photoshop, and are controlled by a single slider. Now some might gripe about the limited control you have over these filters—fair enough—however the results are so good that most folks will simply enjoy using them.


I tested three:

PSKiss Clarté
PSKiss GrittyFaceFX
PSKiss SkinTone BW

Clarté adds instant clarity to your photo as shown in the before and after images below.


Think of it as instant gratification.

PSKiss GrittyFaceFX provides a hard-edged effect that’s popular these days.


With PSKiss SkinTone BW you don’t even use a slider, simply choose “light” or “dark” skin and press the Apply button.


The filters cost only a few bucks each and are well worth it if you’re looking to produce specific effects quickly without effort.

Click here to check out the PSKiss web site for details.