Gary Fong Gets Tough

No more Mister Nice Guy… Gary Fong, the creator of popular photography light modifiers, has decided to get tough with gear bandits and camera thieves. 

I’m lucky he did since I’m about to embark on a cross-country drive with a lot of equipment I can’t afford to lose. Hell, it’s dangerous out there… so I’ve stocked up on Gary’s new GearGuard line of security gadgets.


First and foremost is the GearGuard Camera Body Lock.


Attach it to the base of your camera via the tripod socket and thread the 36” GearGuard Cable through the slot and around any fixed object. Then clip on the Combination Lock. (TIP: If you use a battery pack with your DSLR, don’t forget to remove it first; a thief could simply detach the pack and steal the body.)

The Camera Body Lock is handy on a location shoot where you’re using two cameras. Now you can lock one down while you shoot with the other. Focus on your shots instead of looking over your shoulder every minute.

Don’t miss the GearGuard Camera Bag Lock.

When you’re in a crowd with the bag slung over your shoulder, the quick-release buckles can be a tempting target for pickpockets. Maybe you bypassed the buckle and simply Velocro’d the flap. That’s a big no-no. A thief can easily slide his hand inside and pluck out a lens.  By the time you discover your prime wide angle is missing… it’s gone to the pawn shop.

But not if you’d employed the GearGuard Camera Bag Lock.


In the above shot I’ve secured my favorite TENBA bag with Fong’s small version of the Camera Bag Lock. The two-piece clip snaps together over the buckle and is secured via the combination lock.

Think of it like this…your gear is safe when you travel in lock-down mode courtesy of Gary Fong.

Armed with his GearGuard goodies I’m free to look a potential thief in the eye and say,

“Go ahead, make my day… “