Gotta Have KUBOTA…



If you’re a man (or woman) of Actions, then you gotta get Kubota Image Tools. The Dashboard 3 plug-in for Photoshop is an action powerhouse—a smorgasbord of cool  textures, frames, borders and effects that dazzle and razzle. Talk about funky fun, this  plug-in set is sheer joy. 

KUBOTA Dashboard 3 Pro made this barn door photo come alive. (For more details on this image, see my previous post.)

Dig down deep and discover whole new realms of photo enhancement. Run complex actions with a single click and see instantaneous results. Keyword and save actions as favorites. Add Action Paks to your arsenal and grow your collection.


You can combine multiple actions to colorize and style photos, add unique textures and a hand-crafted “sloppy” border for the finishing touch. From retro to ultra-futurist effects, KUBOTA has the recipe you’re looking for.


Go wild…


or walk softly, adding subtle enhancements.

Launch KUBOTA and it’s like a secret weapon that expands your digital darkroom into a dream factory.