Shaken not stirred…

Time for a cool drink. Okay, so it’s a bit early in the day, but with the sun blazing down it’s too hot to hold a camera.

It’s time to….

Hand me a Marguerita and put on some Salsa. Namely,  Susie Hansen Representante de la Salsa. Her hot Latin Jazz really cools me down. She plays a mean electric violin, spicy summer fun. Pass the salt and the Cuervo Gold…


After hours I dig a mellow moon-vibe… Mike Mainieri’s new album Crescent.

This  jazz vibraphonist is one cool dude whose sweet sound is like a drizzle breaking the heatwave. It’s jazz as refreshing as the night breeze off San Francisco bay.

Kick back and dig that glow in the sky. The weekend has arrived.