Popper Party P.S.

What’s this gizmo?

It’s a radiopopper party favor—a must-have for Nikon shooters. (If you missed my post on radiopoppers, click here to read it now or this won’t make sense.) 

Assuming you launched the link above get ready to paint the town red.

The official name of the product is the PX Transmitter Nikon Hot Shoe Pop-Up Flash Adaptor.  A mouthful, for sure, but don’t let the name fool you… it’s fun to use.

Attach a PX Transmitter and slide the unit into the camera’s hot shoe—that’s it. Now you use the pop-up flash iTTL command signal to trigger remote Nikon flash units.

I don’t know about you, but this $20 accessory is enough to make me twist ‘n shout ‘n pop the night away!

You can order one right here.


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