Summer Reading (for Shutterbugs)

What would summer be without a new novel by Carl Hiaasen? And with a character like Bang Abbott, well, photographers will surely take notice, i.e., Bang is  a celebrity shooter who makes the king of the paparazzi—Ron Galella—look like Prince Charles.

Clearly you won’t identify with Bang, but you’ll definitely get a bang out of him.

What great timing Hiaasen has. The star of Star Island  (Knopf) is a pop singer named Cherry Pye (née Cheryl Bunterman) who is usually too whacked-out to lip-sync her songs. She’s so wasted, in fact, that she has a “stunt double” to appear in public for her. (“Paging Lindsay Lohan!”)

The entertainment industry may be an easy target, but Hiaasen has a special talent for skewering politricians and stars with hilarious results.

If you think this sounds like a refreshing smoothie for an afternoon in the hammock, I suggest you pre-order a copy from Amazon. Come to think of it, skip the hammock as you’ll  laugh your ass right out of it.