Hey, I’m having a party, B.Y.O.R.—bring your own radiopoppers. Man, these little devils are fun and essential for anyone shooting wireless flash. You can trigger all your party lights wirelessly without a glitch. I went to town with a JrX BASIC KIT; simply attached the transmitter to a Nikon D90’s hot shoe and the JrX receiver to a monolight, then positioned a pair of speedlights and a second monolight and popped ‘em all with a squeeze of the shutter—FLASH!

I stepped out on the patio to make sure the transmitter wasn’t aimed at the receiver and fired again—how sweet is that.  If you’ve been frustrated using your camera’s pop-up flash as commander to trigger a speedlight while keeping them in range, then you’ll really boogie on down with radiopoppers. No alignment necessary.


For the above shot I used the JrX kit and stood about 65-feet from the car.  The subject was lit by an SV 110i monolight mounted in the backseat with a Lastolite diffuser in front. I took about 35 shots without a  misfire.

[Note: I powered the monolight with  a Tronix ExplorerXT Pure Sine Wave Inverter. See my post from last year on this battery pack.]

If you want more bang for your pop and true TTL power, step up to the radiopopper PX system…

Hellzapoppin’!—I’ve velcro’d a PX Transmitter to the top of a shoe-mounted Nissin Di866 Pro flash; a PX Receiver is attached to a Nikon SB-900 via an included bracket and holder. (I confess I couldn’t figure out how to attach  the 2 popper pieces, but thankfully the radiopopper web site has an instructional video that shows how easy it is and made me feel foolish.) Once attached you’re ready to rock with TTL. Speed-symc the night away!  The PX system can be used with virtually any speedlight or studio strobe. (JrX units are a bit more limited).

As for the wireless  range I’ve seen some impressive popper video tests at over 500-feet.  I’ll run a  few more tests of my own and report on my findings.

Another nice touch to all radiopoppers is easy access to the battery compartment AND—yes—batteries are included, so you can party right out of the box!

Speaking of which, watch for the festive radiopopper Block Party (monoblocks, natch) on Zoom Street.  All the light you can bask in and free strobe effects.

In the meantime visit the radiopopper site and get those juices flowing.

Party on!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Check out a cool radiopopper party favor for Nikon users here.


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