A little birdie tells us that Ellen von Unwerth recently had all her negatives rescanned from the long out of print book Revenge. This in preparation for a new edition to be published sometime this fall by Twin Palms. It’s not listed as forthcoming on the publisher’s website but take our word for it, it’s coming. Ellen—former fashion model turned feral photographer—is a mischievous German goddess behind the lens who constantly surprises the viewer.  I’ll post a firm pub date  as soon as that birdie lets me know. Naughty nudes await.

Speaking of nudes… Zoom Street just added a review of Upstairs, Downstairs & Outside to its Naked Library page. This running feature on nude photography books is well worth bookmarking if you’re interested in the genre. It’s a great reference to titles in and out of print, obscure and blockbuster.


Last year I posted this photo of the gear I was taking on a road trip along the California coast. I think it’s time to update the shot  since I’m planning a cross-country drive in August and my gear has changed & expanded. Some tools have been replaced or retired—it’s a constant pruning process. There’s a delicate balance to be found. But travel enough and you soon learn what’s essential and what to leave behind.

And then, of course, you always forget something. Oh well… I’ll start pulling the stuff together for a group shot.

In the meantime be sure to check out the July issue of Zoom Street and have a bang up 4th!


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