Go (Low) with the Flow…


A Cam Caddie Scorpion arrived today and I was blown away. At first, I thought it can’t be this simple…surely a more intricate rig is called for. Hell, companies are charging thousands for video stabilizers… can a $65 Cam Caddie make professional moves when shooting with a DSLR?

The answer is yes.


The Cam Caddie is aimed directly at enthusiasts—it’s inexpensive, simple to set up, and easy to use. There’s no learning curve here— just attach a digicam, DSLR, or small camcorder via a single mounting screw, grab the handle, and go.

I literally took it out of the box and in seconds made this test. (Watch for a better sample in the July issue of Zoom Street.)

Quick turns and sudden shifts with this stabilizer result in remarkably smooth video.

Only downside: I had to remove the battery pack from my Nikon D300s so it would fit. No big deal, and you’ll find plenty of clearance for mini DV camcorders and point and shoots.

There are some nifty accessories available for The Scorpion that add to its flexibility. For example, a Rotatable Accessory Shoe lets you mount an external microphone or light to the unit’s handle. (The above photo shows a mounted  Zoom H4n digital recorder.) And there’s an Accessory Wing & Tripod Adapter where you can attach multiple items, including a small monitor. The latter is particularly handy when tracking low motion—especially if your camera doesn’t have a swivel LCD.


The Scorpion comes in two colors: black or—I kid you not— shocking pink! It also features a Lifetime Guarantee.

These babies  are bound to be a big hit with DV shooters everywhere. Whether for nabbing action shots of the kids and pets, or capturing smooth moves in an Indie feature, the Cam Caddie Scorpion rocks!


You can order one directly at www.camcaddie.com and also view some engaging sample videos.