FlashBenders Have Landed!

Sorry, but I couldn’t resist the parody. I was so excited to receive a set of Rogue FlashBenders from ExpoImaging that I went a little nuts. (Hope photographer John Keatley will forgive me for popping a few FlashBenders into his iconic cover photo.)

Maybe the former Alaska Gov. can’t see the light, but you definitely will with a set of these cool light modifiers. The kit is a complete compact  system designed for serious strobists and flashoholics. It  includes a bendable bounce card /flag; a small positionable reflector; and a large positionable reflector. 

The FlashBender fits most shoe mount flash units and—best of all—needs no separate strap for attaching to a speedlight—simply belt the bender right on. Quick setup, quick escape. Beautiful!

Watch for some Rogue shots soon on Zoom Street.