Going Straight

In a recent post I talked about Lightroom 3 and its ability to import video files. Well here’s another feature I really like: being able to quickly correct lens distortion, aberration, and vignetting. I take a lot of shots with wide angle lenses at 12 and 17mm. Often I’ll use distortion to creative advantage.  When the effect is unwanted I  have to find a fix in post.

Lightroom 3  provides the solution in its Develop module. The screenshot below shows a photo I took at 18mm. Note the distortion in the fence and the slight bulging at the center. (Click on the image for a larger view.)

To correct this I simply clicked Enable Profile Corrections and Lightroom was able to identify the lens I used by reading the photo’s metadata. The application stores info on many common lenses. (If your lens is not among them you can download the free Adobe Lens Profile Creator and create one which will be stored automatically in Lightroom.)

Below is the corrected photo.

When you want to go straight, Lightroom is great.