Spring Cleaning

I did some minor tweaking to the Zoom Street masthead (see below). This won’t appear until the July issue, but then I doubt most visitors will even notice the changes. Why mess with success?

I didn’t tamper with the cool blurred logo. I removed the word “magazine” which wasn’t really necessary, and upgraded the font for the navigation text and made it slightly larger. I also enlarged the tagline to make it more emphatic.  The biggest change was deep-sixing the photo of the camera which was a bit too abstract. (It was a Fujifilm S3 as I recall.)  I replaced it with a shot of a Nikon D300s because, well, the site is very Nikon-centric. I like the way the distinctive red triangle blends with the red  bar-beam.

That’s about it. You have until June 30th to enjoy the old masthead here.