I’ll be out workin’ on the barn…

barn_enter - Copy

I created this rustic barn door entrance for a web site splash page. I shot the original photograph at high noon—a no-no—so it lacked the texture I wanted. Also, there was no color contrast. Using Photoshop CS5’s new brush tools I painted some grass and scrub in the foreground.  After placing the hand-lettered word “enter” above the door, I realized I needed something to balance it. I opened a photo of a carved heart & initials and copied it to a layer above the barn. I tweaked the perspective and blended the heart until it looked like it belonged. (Click on the image for a larger view.)

To bring out the wood texture I launched Kubota Image Tools Dashboard 3. This is an astounding plug-in—a vast collection of actions filled will great creative effects and textures. (Watch for our feature review in the July issue of Zoom Street.)  I selected “theEdge” and it enhanced the texture detail to perfection. 

It took about an hour in post to capture what I was after. Of course there are times when you’re not quite sure what you want, and that’s a good time time to experiment. You have to play around with the tools until you know what they can do for you.

Then simply… B.Y.O.V.

Bring your own vision… Photoshop will bring it to life.


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