The Stream (for Wanda)


That’s the only word to describe the “OilPaint”  filter in Adobe‘s new version of the Pixel Bender Plug-in for Photoshop CS5. 

I applied it to a recent photo of a stream in Marin Woods…. (Click on the image below for a large view.)

Hell, I couldn’t help but sign the work in the lower left-hand corner. (To be precise that’s not my handwriting, it’s one of my favorite  OpenType fonts: Santos Dumont.) I felt like the ghost of Wanda Gág

OilPaint has a number of adjustable parameters that include: Stylization, Cleanliness, Colorization, BrushScale, and BrushContrast. Tweaking these settings provide a nice range of effects.

If you enjoyed the original version of Pixel Bender, you’ll love the Cs5 version. It also runs cross-platform in After Effects & Flash Player 10.

You can download the plug-in set from Adobe Labs.