Premiere Pro CS5

Just got my hands on the controls of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and immediately discovered two improvements that make upgrading from CS4 a no-brainer. In the past I couldn’t import videos directly from my Nikon D90 and D300s into Premiere due to a codec glitch. Had to first convert the native AVI files to QuickTime.  A big hassle that brought my workflow to a crawl. But Adobe has addressed the issue in CS5 and videos can be dragged from the camera and dropped right into Premiere Pro. Gotta love it.

Also, capturing a video frame is a one button affair now—no more searching through menus. There’s an Export Frame button  in both the Source and Program Monitors so  you can quickly grab frames without having to use the Adobe Media Encoder. The image at the top of this post was grabbed from an HD sequence shot with a Nikon D300s. The shallow depth of field provided by my 200mm lens transformed headlights on the highway in the background into twinkling discs. Very Hollywood, eh?

Can’t wait to explore the main new features in Premiere Pro which I’m reviewing for the July issue of Zoom Street. In the meantime, you can check out our Street Peek at Photoshop CS5 in the current issue here.