Clamp, baby, clamp!


It’s usually best to fire your speedlight off camera and position it at just the right angle. When you’re street-shooting, however, you have to lug a light stand along and that’s a hassle. So you wind up either hand-holding the sucker, or using the little plastic flat-bottom stand that comes with the flash. That’s okay if there’s a flat surface nearby. But what do you do if you want the flash at, say, a high angle above the subject? You’re out of luck, probably.

In addition to lots of cool lanterns and outdoor gear, the folks at Industrial Revolution have a solution for photographers—their UltraClamp 2.5. Ostensibly for mounting small  point and shoot cameras, camcorders, or binoculars to a car window,  it’s perfect  for a speedlight. Clamp it to anything that fits its wide 2.5” opening.

In the middle of a recent shoot I clamped a flash to a book for side-lighting. (Note: to attach a speedlight you have to use its stand so you can mount to the clamp’s screw.)


You’ll discover many additional uses for the UltraClamp. Mmount a digiicam to a roll bar, table, tree, fence and, of course, a car window. The unit incorporates an UltraMount assembly with a ball and socket head so you can adjust the position to the angle you want.


The UltraClamp is rugged, too, made of aluminum, brass, and fiberglass reinforced nylon. I keep one in the pouch of my gear bag and suggest you do the same.

Here’s a link to the Industrial Revolution website.