asleep at the shutter, lost in space…

I fell asleep in the studio and awoke to the moonlit scene above. The cratered surface of a large reflector loomed out of the darkness in deep space. The moon-spew on a Lastolite case made it appear to be orbiting the reflector. My trusty Nikon D90 was within reach so I fired off a shot,  just in case. Hell, you never know what might wind up as a blog post.

 The scene before me triggered thoughts of Nathalie Sarraute and her novel Le Planetarium—one of my favorite books. (Remarkably it’s back in print and available on Amazon.) As I drifted in drowsiness I began to feel like one of the characters in the novel,  isolated, floating weightlessly in a sea of technological debris…lights, cameras, lenses, c-stands, strobes and tripods. Expensive space junk, to be sure, but utimately junk in the grand scheme of things as everything turns to rust and dust.

This led me to thoughts of the moon landing which I watched on a tiny TV in my bookstore on Martha’s Vineyard. (I wish I could tell the whole story of that slice of life, but it must remain private.) These random thoughts passed in a matter of seconds and left me contemplating just the light. The color. It reminded me of Nikon’s advertising. I decided to produce an ad of my own. Using a photo I’d taken of my D300s, I tampered with the color using Tiffen’s Dfx (v. 2) and added some text.

Now if Nikon would only send me a check. Fat chance.

I returned to the digital darkroom and altered the original photo that prompted this post.

Here’s the spaced out version. (Click on image for larger view.)

Now maybe Lastolite will chip in so I can continue my free association.