Go Remote

Just tested NK Remote from Breeze Systems with a  Nikon D90 and D300s and am pleased to report it’s a big winner. I simply installed the software, attached the camera to a PC and—bingo—I was in the driver’s seat, enjoying a full screen view. Breeze Systems is aptly named since their software couldn’t be easier to operate.

NK Remote lets you control the camera remotely from a  PC—change settings such as ISO, EV, Flash, White Balance, metering mode, and more. Automatically shoot a sequence of photos and print them out right on the set. It’s also a handy tool for anyone doing  time lapse photography.

I found it particularly helpful when I had to shoot from a very low or high angle, or in cramped quarters as in the photo below.  The software provides the freedom to step back and get the big picture —no crouching nor straining. Fire camera and strobes from your laptop while sitting in a comfortable chair. Hell, who said photography has to be painful.

You can opt to view a grid and focus points on the monitor, set blinking highlight warnings, or switch to black and white mode.  When you’re satisfied with the “live” preview —launch and trigger the camera via mouse or keyboard shortcut. NK Remote immediately saves the shot to a pre-designated folder. If you’ve got an assistant on the set,  s/he can edit photos on the fly.

Once you try it,  NK Remote quickly becomes essential for studio shoots, whether for fashion, portraits, or product shots. If precision focus without squinting sounds good, you’ve got to check this little application out. It’s fully compatible with Windows 7 and less expensive than Nikon’s Camera Control Pro.

Float your boat and go remote—download a trial version here: www.breezesys.com