Going Rogue

As previously mentioned, the  May issue of Zoom Street is running a special feature on the Nikon D300s. In addition to our first impressions of the camera, you’ll find our  12 Must-Have Accessories—a handy guide. One item on the list is the Nikon EH-5A AC Adapter. That’s right, the camera doesn’t come with one. B&H charges $70.69, while Amazon gouges you at $89.99. (The list price is $99.99, and why the hell doesn’t Nikon make it $100—do they really think $99.99 sounds like a bargain?) I don’t know if Canon pulls the same nonsense with their cameras, but I hope not. Nikon shooters pay a premium for brand allegiance.

Bottom line: you must have an adapter to save your batteries, like when you’re shooting in the studio or updating the camera’s firmware. And since you don’t want to risk voiding the camera’s warranty, I usually recommend sticking with Nikon accessories.  But there are exceptions where you can save money without cutting corners, and here’s one of them…

The Phottix Plato 2.4 GHz Wireless Remote Set.

Based in Hong Kong, Phottix makes some nifty accessories. With this one you can safely bypass Nikon‘s wireless system and go rogue. The Plato has pre-set “smart code” to combat interference,  and it performs like a trooper, triggering the camera wirelessly from up to 320 ft. away.

A half-press of the transmitter’s shutter button locks in focus and lights green to let you know the subject is within range. You can set the remote for a two second delay, fire bursts in Continuous mode, or make long exposures via a Bulb setting.

For anyone who wants complete wireless control, this is the ticket.  For more information vistit the Phottix web site: www.phottix.com


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