To Each His (Or Her) Own…Menu


This is My Menu… and I do mean mine. Like other Nikon DSLRs, the D300s lets you create your own menu items in whatever order (Rank) you desire. This is very handy, as it saves having to drill down through sub-menus to change a setting. As you can see I placed Battery Info at the top of the list as it gives me a more accurate reading than the camera’s battery icon. It’s also much easier to see. I would have put the  Format memory card  command at the top of my list because it’s the first thing I do after inserting a card. (It’s a habit I suggest everyone adopt—it helps prolong the life of the card.) But for some strange reason, Nikon doesn’t allow you to place Format in My Menu—go figure.

You may wonder why I chose to include Clean image sensor since you can set this to auto-clean whenever you turn the camera on and off. That, however, strikes me as overkill and the less shaking of delicate  mechanical parts the better. I clean the sensor when it needs it. The one  exception being my D90 which I set to auto-clean because it’s prone to attracting dust motes and eye-sores. The D300s has a better build designed to keep its innards free of foreign interventions.

If you’re still searching for a tip in this post, it’s the obvious one: take advantage of this feature and save yourself some fumbling in the field. You can easily add and remove items as priorities change. Or you can opt to have My Menu display 20 Recent Settings instead.

Either way you’ll save a few extra seconds which can make the difference between getting the killer shot or walking away empty-handed.

If only I could  really customize the bugger…