Soaring Over Berkeley

I’m not crazy about bird shots and, yeah, gulls are a dime a dozen in the Bay Area…but sometimes you just have to stop and look and marvel.

Then maybe you’ll wish you’d packed the 500mm  instead of a 17-70 zoom. What the hell, you’re panning with the soar and it feels nice and light… shooting fast at 320, stopped down to f/13. It’s high noon, the wrong time of day, but at least the subject is backlit and you took the time to underexpose by -1/3.

That’s my magic number (-1/3 EV) and I nudge most of my shots toward the dark side due to an intense fear of blow-out.

After deleting a lot of empty sky with a massive crop in post, I can still see some texture in the wings. (Hell, there’s no excuse for ever shooting in anything but fine. And besides,  it won’t cure Global Warming.)

In the end I decide to save the photo to remind me to next time catch an eyeball shot.

Sometimes the so-so serves as inspiration.

Still the goal remains the same…capture a shot that soars.