Book Ends

Keith Thomson kept me turning pages right to the end of his satirical thriller, Once A Spy. It moves at breakneck speed from Brooklyn to the boondocks of Virginia. (If you’re looking for glamourous locals, look elsewhere.) The body-count quickly goes sky-high and each chapter is so  thick with double-cross you learn even your mom can’t be trusted. 

The novel is guaranteed to make you laugh—hell, paranoids can chuckle, too—as the plot, like most spy thrillers, is absurd, but here it’s intentionally so. The hero—Drummond—suffers from a form of Alzheimer’s that must be unknown to medical science for it heightens his survival instincts to superhuman levels and permits him to shoot his way out of every situation against all odds. You’ll spot the happy ending  a mile away, but the author manages to make us wonder how he’ll get there. Can’t ask for more than that.