Kelby Cooks!

PHOTO RECIPES LIVE BEHIND THE SCENES  by Scott Kelby (Peachpit Press) is a crash course for shutterbugs anxious to nail down professional  lighting techniques. This slim little  book comes bundled with video tutorials on  DVD, and it’s the videos that steal the show.  Scott Kelby teaches you how to light without fattening geek-speak.  He breathlessly cuts to the chase and walks you through the critical stuff,  step by step. He must be hip to writer Elmore Leonard’s dictum:  leave out all the parts the reader skipsRECIPES teaches how to light portraits with various setups (3-light, clamshell, overhead, etc.); how to shoot flowers and products; and covers both studio and location shooting.

If you want to whip up some cool lighting fast—with no artificial ingredients—these recipes are your meal ticket.

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