Books Are Birds That Take You Places…

Over the weekend I spotted this lovely bit of street art in San Francisco. It’s located—appropriately enough—on the northwest corner of Columbus Ave and Broadway near City Lights Bookstore. It’s called Language of the Birds, and was created by artists Brian Goggin and Dorka Keehn. Commissioned by the city, it features 23 solar-powered polycarbonate flying books which light up after dark.  Below, on the sidewalk, fallen words  lie scattered—intermittently illuminated by the lights above.

It’s enough to make one fall in love with this city.

I’ll post a night shot in the near future.

Regular visitors to this blog know that I often post book reviews here, in addition to photographs. The “Books” page on Zoom Street has limited space each month, so I try to cover whatever misses our deadline. I’m a firm believer that photographers should not simply read books about photography, but novels, art books, mysteries, essays, poetry—everything. Keep the mind well fed and you’ll be a better artist. The more one has to draw on, the better.