Doin’ the Nasty…

It was a dark and stormy night (I’m guessing) when Matthew Monroe had a brainstorm. He raced to his laboratory and began working feverishly on a wicked invention—the Nasty Clamp!

“It’s alive!” he cried.

And, indeed, it was. Ugly as Frankenstein’s monster (one part gorilla, one part Marquis de Sade Tinkertoy), yet a practical monster every shutterbug will love.

The Nasty Clamp features a rugged, bendable flex-arm capable of balancing a portable strobe or digicam, GPS unit, or anything you might fiendishly think of that weighs a pound or less.  It sure beats carrying a light stand and boom arm. You can attach this sucker to anything clampable—tree branch, fence post, chandelier, mausoleum statue.

In the photo at the top of this post I’ve attached two off-camera flashes to a bookcase, bouncing one off the ceiling, using the other as an insidious backlight.  Ahh, a great location accessory!—especially if you don’t have Igor as a sidekick to hold your lights. I recommend purchasing several Nasty Clamps, since they’ll  fit easily in your camera bag.

How’s that for a nasty tip?