Does this book have legs?—More than you can count. Will critics have a leg to stand on? Not on your life!

Who among us would dare to snipe or complain when confronted with a veritable ocean of shapely limbs. Dian Hanson has bestowed upon us a glorious, coffee table tome that kicks up its heels in celebration of the female leg. The Big Book of Legs is a deluxe edition (the book’s jacket is destined to be a collector’s item)—another gorgeous production from publisher Taschen, whose list stands apart and unmatched in design and subject matter. And the subject matter here, of course, is legs—the whole leg and nothing but the leg.

The volume traces the male world’s infatuation/obsession/fetish/love (call it what you wish)—the time-honored focus on “the strong and curiously sexy leg”…from Moulin Rouge and saucy French post card to the here and wow.  

Great  legs strut across these pages, casting curvacious shadows … some in high style, others in tacky, skin-mag poses. You’ll find famous gams like Betty Grable‘s  (“There are two reasons why I’m in show business and I’m standing on both of them.”), and the infamous limbs of Betty Page.

Ahh, so many legs, such little time.

This is a  book for rapturous browsing. Stroll through its 388 pages and experience, uh. sheer delight. Leap legs first into the text where Hanson discusses the curious history of the celebrated limbs, how they came to be eroticized, the various theories. Ultimately, however,  the “why” is beside the point. After all, these are gorgeous gams we’re looking at. Words don’t do them justice.

How do you like your legs? In nylons and hose, accompanied by heels? Or au naturel? From hip to toe it’s all on the menu.

The Big Book of Legs is a long-legged feast.

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